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We are happy to announce the launch of our new course: United Nations Tax Procedure for US Taxpayers on the CDOTS campus.

  1. Report UN taxable earnings (total amount from Statement of Taxable Earnings) on Line 1a, page 1 of IRS Form 1040.

We strongly encourage staff members to submit their 2023 tax claim as 1 PDF file, including all the UN forms as a file upload to the UN Tax Portal ‘taxportal.un.org’ in the following order. Should an error occur, contact the Portal Administrator at taxportal@un.org.

Please find the job aid on the website/iseek page on how to merge PDF files into 1 PDF file.  

To ease the process of setting up meetings with a member of the Income Tax Unit, we are excited to launch Virtual Tax Meet, a self-service scheduling tool. Virtual Tax Meet will allow you to schedule a virtual 20-minute conversation with a member of our team. When scheduling a meeting for “All Other Topics”, please schedule with the Tax Unit Specialist associated with the first letter of your last name:
- A, E, G N: Rekha

Self-Employment Tax contains Social Security Tax and Medicare Tax. Employee’s portion of Social Security Tax for 2023 was 6.2%. The maximum wages and earnings subject to social security tax is $ 160,200 for 2023 and it increases to $ 168,600 for 2024.

Haven't Received Your Advance Payment of the Child Tax Credit Issued to You Yet?
There’s limited time to have the IRS trace a missing Advance Child Tax Credit payment.
Form 3911 submission to IRS

Deadlines for submission of requests for reimbursement of taxes

  • Staff serving in the U.S. - 1 March
  • Staff serving elsewhere - 1 April


Copies of tax returns and related United Nations forms must be received by the Income Tax Unit of the HQCSS/Department of Operational Support by the above dates.

The Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS) tax payment service is provided free by the U.S. Department of the Treasury. After you've enrolled and received your credentials, you can pay any tax due to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) using this system. 

The Income Tax Unit can send your U.N. estimated tax advance payments via electronic funds transfer (EFT) to both IRS and NY State if you enroll yourself with the EFTPS. 

Please click here to view the Calculation of Taxable portion of Lump sum pension

Important Deadlines of 2024 (For 2023 Income tax Reimbursement)

Events US Based Staff Overseas Staff
Q4 Advance of 2023 16 January 2024 16 January 2024
Statement of Taxable Earnings (STE, equivalent to W2 or 1099)
Will be distributed to all staff by email.
31 January 2024 31 January 2024

ST/IC/2024/1 (instruction/rules and procedure) will be posted on the website in UN Forms

31 January 2024 31 January 2024
UN Forms for 2023 (F.65, F.65A and F.243) will uploaded in UN Forms and available for use
31 January 2024 31 January 2024
Income Tax Briefing – 1 (VIRTUAL)

7 February 2024 (Virtual)

At 9:30 AM EST

7 February 2024 (Virtual)

At 9:30 AM EST

UN Tax portal is open to use 1 February 2024 1 February 2024
2023 Tax Claim Submission Deadline (to UN Income Tax Unit) 1 March 2024 1 April 2024
2023 Tax Filing Deadline to IRS 15 April 2024 17 June 2024
2023 Tax Settlement Payment Deadline to IRS  15 April 2024 15 April 2024

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  • The Income Tax Unit of the United Nations is located in FF-300 (FF building/3rd Floor), at 304 East 45th Street, New York, NY 10017. There is a drop-off box in the hallway where you can submit your documents.

  • In-Person Client Service is available every Wednesday and Thursday, from 1PM to 4PM (except on UN Holidays). 

  • Online Client Service is available through Microsoft Teams by appointment only.  Book through Tax-Meet

  • For general inquiries only, Email: tax@un.org 

       (iSeek is the UN intranet and requires a log in)